What injuries can a person get if they receive CPR?

Answer It depends strongly on circumstances.A young person under 10 will cause virtually no harm if done correctly. Their rib cage is like spandex and can take that shock.If you're dealing with an elderly... Read More »

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What injuries would a person likely get if they are hit side on by a car and are thrown a certain distance?

Can a person receive disability insurance benefits when they are unemployed?

AnswerThere's always unemployment insurance. For CA see the link below.If the query is in regards to Social Security Disability benefits, all necessary information concerning eligibility and filing... Read More »

What injuries would cause a person to stop breathing?

A person could be in Respiratory Distress: If a person has a severe asthma attack, or an allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) their breathing can become extremely labored. If a person inhales smoke from... Read More »

How to you tell a person they tatto they got doesnt mean what they think it does?

I would just straight up tell them. Probably your best bet