What injections do newborns have?

Answer Vitamin K is routinely give to all newborn babies.

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What is the medical term for color is not good for newborns skin to have?

Jaundice is one kind of skin discoloration that newborns can have, which gives a yellow color to the skin. It is common in newborns as a transient condition and often treated with sunlight. Cyanos... Read More »

What are the most common misconceptions you think people have about newborns?

that they should be able to fit into all their 0-3 months clothes. that they need every fancy accessory under the moon, which really, all they need is a safe place to sleep, clothing, diapers, and... Read More »

I'm 13 if I get diabetes will I have insulin injections?

Type 1: you WILL have to take injectionsType 2: Can be controlled will diet and tablets; however some patients still need to take insulin injections to help them control their blood glucose levels

Do many of you out there need to have Vitamin B12 injections periodically?

B12 defficiency, due to pernicious anaemia, requiring injections rather than oral supplements, affects about 1% of the population.