What information is needed to transfer money from a Canadian bank to an international bank?

Answer To transfer money internationally from a Canadian bank, clients must provide the recipient's full name and postal address. The recipient's bank number, the financial institution's name and the bran... Read More »

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What information is needed to transfer money from bank to bank?

To transfer money from bank to bank (called wire transferring), you must know the checking account number and the routing number of both the account being debited and the account being credited. Th... Read More »

How to Transfer Money to an International Bank Account Number?

There are two main ways to transfer money to an international bank account. One is to transfer it from your bank account to the recipient's account through companies like Western Union, PayPal or X... Read More »

Information Required for an International Money Transfer?

The most common way for individuals to transfer money internationally is through a wire transfer. A number of companies exist to help with these transfers, or they can be done between banks, althou... Read More »

How to Transfer to an International Bank Account?

Transferring money to an international banking account can be done safely and conveniently via wire transfer and the Internet. Banks use NetBank technology to transfer funds, allowing the recipient... Read More »