What information is needed for a loan?

Answer If you have your eyes set on a new car or house, you likely will need a loan to finance your undertaking. Offered by banks and other financial institutions, a loan can give you the money needed for... Read More »

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What type of loan is needed to purchase land?

A lot loan is a short term note that allows a borrower to purchase land and build a home or building on it at a later date. It has different rules and regulations than a conventional mortgage.Signi... Read More »

What credit score is needed to get appoved for a car loan?

A credit score of around 550 is the minimum needed to receive a car loan. A credit score above 700--the range is 300 to 850--qualifies buyers for the very best interest rates. Individuals with lo... Read More »

What Information Is Needed to Refinance?

A homeowner will often wish to replace his current mortgage with another one with more favorable terms. This is known as refinancing. The homeowner can apply for a new mortgage either from the lend... Read More »

What Insurance Information Is Needed to Register a Car?

Most states require drivers to provide proof of liability insurance when registering a vehicle, so you must purchase a policy before you submit your registration application at a motor vehicle offi... Read More »