What information is needed for a life insurance claim?

Answer Most life insurance companies are sensitive to the sorrow of people grieving the recent passing of a loved one, so only a few pieces of information are needed for a life insurance claim.Death Certi... Read More »

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How soon can you make a life insurance claim?

Call the insurance company and ask that they mail, fax or email a claim form to you. You can then make a life insurance claim as soon as you are able to obtain a certified copy of the death certifi... Read More »

How to Claim Life Insurance Benefits?

When a relative or business partner dies, you are entitled to the death benefit proceeds listed in the life insurance policy. In order to claim the policy benefits, however, you must go through the... Read More »

How to File a Life Insurance Claim?

One of the most difficult tasks after the death of a loved one is filing a life insurance claim. You may need money to pay for funeral costs, pay off the deceased's creditors and help the family me... Read More »

Are taxes due when you claim life insurance policies?

You only need to include the insurance policy money as part of your gross income on your taxes if the amount exceeds the amount payable to you at the time of the person's death. For example, if th... Read More »