What information goes on military dog tags?

Answer Military dog tags contain the soldier's last name on the top line, and his first name and middle initial on the second line. The soldier's social security number appears on the third, then his blo... Read More »

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What goes on army dog tags?

Army dog tags are used as a form of identification in case of casualties on the battlefield. The dog tags contain important personal information and are to remain on the body at all times.First Lin... Read More »

What goes on miitary dog tags?

Dog tags for U.S. Armed Forces include the soldier's surname, first name and middle initial, Social Security number, blood group, initials of the branch of military the soldier serves in and religi... Read More »

What do military dog tags say?

Miliary dog tags contain four lines of vital information: the soldier's name, Social Security number, blood type and religion. Tags from earlier eras also bore the soldier's military identificatio... Read More »

What are military dog tags used for?

The purpose of military dog tags is to identify the remains of fallen soldiers. Members in the service are issued two dog tags. One of the dog tags remains with the body of the soldier in the event... Read More »