What information goes on a dog tag?

Answer Dog tags are metal tags that people in the military wear for identification purposes and are to be worn at all times. The metal dog tags are stamped with the wearer's last name, first name and midd... Read More »

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What information goes on a medicalert?

Many people with medical conditions carry medical alert information on a wallet card or jewelry. The information provides emergency personnel with data in the event a person is injured or unconsci... Read More »

What information goes on military dog tags?

Military dog tags contain the soldier's last name on the top line, and his first name and middle initial on the second line. The soldier's social security number appears on the third, then his blo... Read More »

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What wire goes where on your caller ID that goes to your Direct TV?

Where the Wires Go The jacks on the back of the caller ID unit labeled, `phone` attaches to the satellite box and the one labeled, `line`, attaches to the phone line.