What information does high school councilors have on parents?

Answer I cannot answer your question with a yes or no because there isn't enough information. Emotional abuse goes deeper than just being yelled at "a lot" by your dad. For complete information about emot... Read More »

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Can you be covered by your parents' policy if you are over 18 live with your parents out of high school and the car is registered in your name?

Answer Yes, I have two children over 18 and under 25 who are currently on my insurance. You must go to their insurance company and give them your name etc and they will tell you how much more it is... Read More »

How to Get Whatever You Want from Your Parents in High School/Middle School?

This will show you how to get whatever you want from your parents. But it will not work in college.

How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Go to the High School You Want?

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Hands-on Activities for High School Parents?

When parents become involved in a child's high school and education, it benefits everyone -- teachers, administrators and especially the students themselves. Parents aren't limited to making contri... Read More »