What information does a magnetic strip on a driver's license contain in Florida?

Answer The magnetic stripe, as it's typically called, along with the barcode on the back of a Florida driver's license, stores the same information shown on the card's front, according to the Florida Depa... Read More »

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What information is on the magnetic strip on a Florida driver's license?

The magnetic stripes are used to store all of the personal information that is printed on the front side of the licenses. It appears on all Florida licenses as of June 16, 2004.References:Official ... Read More »

How do I protect a credit card magnetic strip?

Avoid MagnetsKeep your credit cards away from prolonged exposure to magnets. Store the card with its magnetic strip adjacent to the front of another credit card, not the magnetic strip of another c... Read More »

What information is in the magnetic band of credit cards?

Credit cards are a convenient way to make cashless purchases. You hand your card to a clerk who runs it through a machine, and within seconds you are signing a slip or computer screen and are on yo... Read More »

What information is contained on credit card magnetic stripes?

The magnetic stripes on credit cards include the primary account number, country code and expiration date, as well as other data that can vary according to the issuer of the card.References:TopBitS... Read More »