What information do they get on a background check?

Answer What is detailed in a background check varies depending on the request. It can include court, criminal and credit reports, education, vehicle, and medical records, past employers and a Social Secur... Read More »

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What information do you need to run a background check?

To run a background check, you must provide the person's first and last names, state of residence and birth date. Some background check services also require you to supply the individual's Social S... Read More »

How long does information stay on a background check?

Information stays on a background check indefinitely. For instance, criminal convictions (both misdemeanor and felony) will remain until sealed or expunged. Other information that remains indefinit... Read More »

How Long Does Negative Job Information Remain on a Background Check?

Employers use background checks to increase their chances of hiring good employees. The information in a background check varies depending on what the prospective employer is looking for. Credit ch... Read More »

Virginia State Police Background Check Information?

All applicants for jobs with the Virginia State Police have to pass a thorough background check--where good character and an untarnished reputation matter. Prior achievements, credit history and p... Read More »