What information can scientists get from fossils?

Answer Scientists who study fossils can get an enormous amount of information from them; their structure, placement in the strata of the earth and genetic information can all be obtained through careful f... Read More »

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How do scientists find fossils?

Fossils are the remnants or traces of animals, plants or other living creatures from a previous geological age that have been preserved in the Earth's crust. They are most likely to occur in places... Read More »

How many fossils have scientists collected?

Scientists have collected and cataloged hundreds of millions of fossil samples and fragments from all around the world. According to Sharon Katz Cooper, author of "Learning from Fossils," the exac... Read More »

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What information can be obtained from fossils?

The information a fossil can provide includes data about an organism, its environment and environmental changes. Fossilization does not occur in isolation. Scientists must always take into consider... Read More »