What influence your food choice?

Answer sushi =P

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Pizza or Chinese Food, your choice and why?

Chinese - I have to watch the cholesterol now!

Factors That Influence an ESL Teacher's Choice of Teaching Materials?

There are numerous approaches to teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), each with its own pros and cons. Each approach has a situation where it is likely the best choice. One of an ESL teache... Read More »

How can the choice of construction materials and construction techniques influence sustainability?

In a huge variety of ways. But since you didn't mention what you are building, I can't tell specifically. Here's an example though: If you're building let's say a garage with a concrete foundation,... Read More »

Food poll: banana cream pie, coconut cream pie, or chocolate cream pie Which is your choice?

You made this so hard for me, I will have to have a piece of each pie to make my choice. So I will let you know later the results. smile