What indian group fought france in the french&indian war?

Answer There is no one group of Native Americans that fought with the British during the French and Indian War. Native Americans fought on both sides and changed allegiances. The name "French and Indian W... Read More »

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What is the name of the 80's or 90's fantasy show it used to be on Encore WAM it had a warlord stealing a power from a crystal there were kids in the group who fought against him not all were human?

I am an Indian citizen on Tier 2 visa to the UK. I am planning a visit to Switzerland, France etc on Schengen?

On whatever visa you travel to the UK - what you and your wife need to enter Switzerland and France and all other Schengen states is a Schengen visa. Apply for such a visa in India already. The Swi... Read More »

Indian sweets, where can I buy those colourful tiny Indian sweets you get in the Indian restaurants.?

You should have asked your sister to get some when she went to india.

I want to know the names of Indian Viagra medicine of different Indian medical companies.?

Total 27 brands are available in India. It costs Rs.20 - 24 for 50mg.Here are some brands:CavertaEdegraIntegraPenegraPrograSilagraEnthusiaManforce etc...Almost all medical shops will give these dru... Read More »