What income is subject to self-employment tax?

Answer If you have more than $400 of earned income from working as an independent contractor or self-employment, you must pay self-employment taxes. In addition, if your income from working as a church em... Read More »

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Is royalty income subject to self-employment tax?

If you list your royalty income on Schedule C of your federal tax return, you must pay self-employment tax on that amount. if you list the income on Schedule E, you do not have to pay the tax. Cons... Read More »

Are members of an LLC subject to self-employment tax?

On One Hand: Sole Proprietorship or PartnershipWhether members of an LLC are subject to self-employment tax depends on the tax treatment of the LLC. A single-member LLC that has not elected another... Read More »

Is severance pay subject to self-employment tax?

Since an employer pays severance pay to a departing worker, it is not subject to self-employment tax. Those who receive severance pay should should report it on a W-2 form as wages.References:Intui... Read More »

Is Social Security Subject to Income Tax?

About 96 percent of Americans contribute to Social Security. Social Security funds accumulate over a lifetime of earning by taxation of income through Federal Income Contributions Act (FICA) taxes,... Read More »