What in the HELL are menstrual bits?

Answer I thought they were those long booger like bloody stringy parts. You know like you have when you have a cold and a bloody nose at the same time. They're fun to play with, both boogers and menstrual... Read More »

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Is it okay to take my menstrual bits?

Yes! Even sexier still is when your tampon string hangs out of your swimsuit, or, wear a giant pad with wings so everyone is aware of your womanly time.Good luck and have fun!

I found it in my it menstrual bits?

Pimp Stain, lovely, dear, most precious child, I've seen a lot of things from you, some I'd never imagine... but this... is absolutely disgusting! lmfao. EW!

I hate my period. Is it safe to suction out my menstrual bits?

That is such a sexy thought! Lemme start the bidding for you. I'll offer $10.00..anyone wanna up that? (I think you missed the boat by not asking this is rassling..they LOVE you there!)You need tho... Read More »

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