What kinds of cases do civil rights attorneys take?

Answer Civil rights in the United States refer to any right you have as a citizen, as provided by laws and the 13th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution. Higher-court decisions also shape your civil ri... Read More »

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Is civil or women's rights more important?

On One Hand: Enforce Civil Rights For All AmericansSocietal pursuit in securing women's rights over the need for enforcement of civil rights for all Americans is possibly ill-advised. The defense ... Read More »

California Civil Union Rights Vs. Marriage?

A civil union in California is called a domestic partnership and it is a legal union between two people recognized and governed at the state level. Marriage is a legal union recognized and governed... Read More »

What cases do civil litigation lawyers handle?

Civil litigation is a wide-ranging and complex practice area, practiced in both state and federal courts. A civil litigation lawyer may specialize in a particular type of litigation, or represent o... Read More »

What Types of Cases Does a Civil Lawyer Represent?

Basically, civil lawyers represent any cases that are not criminal. There are many different types of civil law, ranging from agriculture to war. The federal government has exclusive jurisdiction o... Read More »