Who was running against John Quincy Adams?

Answer In 1824, John Quincy Adams ran against Henry Clay, William H. Crawford and General Andrew Jackson. Adams, Clay and Jackson received the most votes, but none had an electoral majority. The election ... Read More »

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What is the importance of washing fruits and vegetables before eating?

Food safety is the primary reason that fruits and vegetables are rinsed before eating. Pathogens present on the skin or peel of the food can cause food-borne illnesses. Ohio State University Extens... Read More »

What rank did John McCains father hold in the US military?

What did Sir John Franklin do before he began exploring?

Before Sir John Franklin embarked on his historic Arctic expeditions, he spent his early years as a naval officer. Franklin's father helped secure his initial appointment as a first-class volunteer... Read More »

What did John Winchester whisper to Dean before dying?

"Sammy's got demon blood in him. You might have to kill him."