What impacts could immigrants have on the economy?

Answer Since changes were made in immigration laws in the late 1960s, millions of immigrants have come to the United States, legally and illegally, with a variety of economic implications.Direct CostsDire... Read More »

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What kind of jobs do immigrants have?

While immigrants hold jobs at all skill levels, economist Robert Brusca says that immigrants are likely to settle for lower-wage jobs. In certain areas of the United States, immigrants are relied u... Read More »

I am getting Administration Separation from the Marine Corps because of my depression. What kind of impacts will this have on me in the civilian world?

Tough break. Well, every job application has a section that asks if you were in the military and also it asks what your discharge was. To employers, they're liable to ask about anything that doesn'... Read More »

What is the total number of immigrants that have came through Ellis Island?

During the years of prime operation, from 1892 through 1954, Ellis Island welcomed more than 12 million immigrants to the United States. Now a museum, Ellis Island served as a gateway to the United... Read More »

What influence does teenage pregnancy have on the economy?

A negative one since it costs millions to support the parents and child when it comes living expenses, health, delayed schooling, free daycare etc.