What image type has the best quality, JPG, TIF, GIF, or PNG?

Answer .png generally a high quality for icon mode. Jpeg for general qualty. tiff for lage size pics, gif for animated type.. you can choose what you are looking foreBRo

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What is Image quality?

Image quality, sometimes called clarity, in photography is a term which often is used to describe the amount of visibility of pertinent information in an image. When judging image quality in a phot... Read More »

Which 3D TV gives better image quality -- LG or Samsung?

This is an argument that continues to battle on and on. Basically, Samsung is active shutter technology and each eye receives a 1080p image at a time. Meanwhile, LG developed a passive technology 3... Read More »

Nikon d40 image quality?

Nikon d40 is great and is plenty even as of this writing 8-5-09

What is the difference between low and high quality image?

a low quality image is a low pixilated image which may be slightly blurred and not clearly visable. the difference is that the high quality image is more clearly visable than the low quality image.... Read More »