What illness do you think i have?

Answer It sounds like depression. Sometimes depression doesn't feel sad, so much as tired and disinterested. There are about ten thousand prescription meds you can take for that, so if you go see you do... Read More »

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How to Tell Your Parents You Think You Have a Mental Illness?

Telling your parents something you suspect can be hard, but it shouldn't be frightening. This article will tell you how to tell your parents.

I think i'm getting Manflu,what is the best way of pulling through this terrible illness?

Of course! Also ensure that she supplies you with all the daily papers, places the TV in an optimum position and fluffs your pillows regularly. If she also has the flu remind her she must take a co... Read More »

What illness do I have?

It's not common to cough when you have strep throat, and you usually have stomach pains, which means that it's probably not strep throat. You should go and get tested again just in case, but keep i... Read More »

What illness could I have?

Differential diagnosis is required. (Hypoglycemia/ hyperthyroidism).Please note that I am not a medical professional.