What if your whole hand foams up when you put peroxide on it?

Answer No, teething has no direct relation to diarrehea.

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When I boil a piece of frozen chicken, it foams up. Any idea why is that?

Does this with pork also,Its a type of proteins being boiled off and separating from the meat. Fat.

What to do when ear wax is really stuck in your ear whole!?

You buy a chinease ear-wax remover. It is alot like a chop-stick, But it has a curve on the end and isn't sharp. Buy it on Amazon because they probably won't have it anywhere else lol.

When your Sister tells you that your butt is so big it can feed a whole African country breakfast lunch dinner and snack as she tries to pass by what do I say back?

When i touch my hand to the radio antina the voice becomes clear n when i remove my hand its a bit unclear ..?

That's normal. Your body is acting as an antenna making the signal stronger.