What if your sons mother is your ex girlfriend and now she is threatening to stop you seeing your son because you have another girlfriend now?

Answer As a biological father you have the right to be able to see and spend time with your son no matter what the mother thinks. If she wants to push the matter, you can take her to court and get custody... Read More »

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How to Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend and Start Being the Best Girlfriend?

Do you find yourself getting nagging feelings of jealousy when your partner is talking to other girls? Do you worry that you’re smothering the relationship with your fears? To stop being an overl... Read More »

If you and your girlfriend are both 15 and she's pregnant and you both have jobs but her mother and father want the baby because they can't have another one can your girlfriend keep the baby?

If Your Girlfriend And You Are Both 15. But Have Jobs And She's Pregnant. But Her Mother And Father Want The Baby Because They Can't Have Another Of Their Own Can Your Girlfriend Keep The Baby? Per... Read More »

Can you move in with your grandmother at age 17 if you're pregnant and fear the environment you are in because your father's girlfriend is verbally abusing and threatening you?

AnswerBe sure to discuss your plans with your grandmother first and be sure she is able to care for you. It costs money to take in anyone and then there will be a baby on the way.Yes, you can go to... Read More »

Your sons ex girlfriend is pregnant and wants to give the baby up for adoption how can you establish paternity before that decision is made?

Good for you for considering adoption! This may differ from state to state. You would do well to consult a lawyer, however, not just for your sake, but also for the child's. Having a legal adoption... Read More »