What if your sister won't move out?

Answer If you are paying the rent then you have every right to kick her out. If both of you are splitting the rent it is a little more difficult. You will have to communicate the fact to her she has a mon... Read More »

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Why wont your sister take a joke?

Maybe your idea of a joke is something that is painful to her, emotionally.

Why your sister wont shut up?

because she is in need of attention or is just trying to bother you for a recent sibling fight. to make her stop it is possible if you treat her with respect and/or give her some of your TLC.

Diabetes - Mother wont let me move out?

At what age are you legal in the UK? If you have enough money to pay for yourself (housing, food, etc.), then move out. It won't matter what she gossips about. Just staying healthy and alive wil... Read More »

Why wont my left wrist move?

Never heard of this. Usually, I hear people say they have pain while they can move their wrist, but never no pain and can't move it. I would take a day or two to see what would happen, since you ha... Read More »