What if your pragnet and you don't want to have a baby what can you do?

Answer Answer Think short and eisly. it is very easy all you need to do is get your egg and his sperm out and instead of placing it into a utirus place it into a fish.It can be any fish but it would be ... Read More »

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You are nearly 16 and your boyfriend is 22 and you are pregnant with his baby can he still get in trouble if your parents dont dob him in and if you dont put his name on the birth certificate in nsw?

What do you do if you are 16 and pregnant but you dont want the baby and you dont want your parents to find out?

Answer So you want the baby and don't want your parents to find out? It may be better to tell them, especially since you're under 18. They should know that their daughter is pregnant. Calmly tell t... Read More »

My mom is making me give up my baby girl to be for adoption. I want to keep my baby more then anything i dont know what i should do or who i should go to?

I think you should talk to your mom and come up with a plan that will work for both of you. I understand that your are way too young and should not have made that decision but on the other hand tha... Read More »

Im 14 and want a baby my bf does 2 but i dont no want to do?

You should wait till you are older because even though you want a baby righ now you will need a good amount of money and a lot of time to take care of your child, so i advise you to wait a while lo... Read More »