What if your newborn boy has breast?

Answer then its a girl

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Your boyfriend said your vaginal area smelled different and you were a week late from starting your period and your breast have been sore and you could see veins in your breast is it pregnancy?

I have never heard that smells can indicate pregnancy, and I am sure that veins on your breast have nothing to do with it. They may have been there your whole life without being noticed.Breasts fre... Read More »

Do you think 'Breast crawl' is an acceptable technique of initiating feeding in the newborn?

I will be breast feeding this little one soon enough, but I don't think that method seems logical. Actually it seems degrading and barbaric. A newborn infant is helpless and can't maneuver itself t... Read More »

If one of your breast is two cup sizes bigger than the other one would your insurance cover breast inplants?

Answer No. Breast implants are not covered by insurance. Its considered to be cosmetic unless related to post masectomy breast reconstruction

I would like to know why so many think that breast feeding is the only way to feed a newborn?

I don't get it either - they make newborn bottles for a reason, right??I'm choosing to breast feed. I don't think you should look down on any method. It's a personal choice. and the nutrients in th... Read More »