What do you do if the lower part of your back hurts while pregnant?

Answer Answer First make sure they are not contractions. Try to see a chiropractor. Most will treat and adjust even while your pregnant. Some people look down on chiropractors. If I did not go see one... Read More »

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The lower right side of my stomach hurts, help?

That is true... that is the sign that your appedix is bothering you... you should go to the doctor and have it checked out.It doesn't necessarily mean it has ruptured yet though. You want to get c... Read More »

What does it mean if the lower part of the stomach is hard and hurts every time you push it and if its been about a week since unprotected sex is it pregnancy?

AnswerPregnancy is a possibility because you participated in unprotected sex although you usually wil not begin to show any physical signs of pregnancy until at least 3-4 weeks since the egg usuall... Read More »

My stomach always hurts when I eat after not eating for a while?

See a doctor. The internet cannot help you with this.

You have cramps and your lower back hurts and your legs hurt What is wrong?

You don't mention how close you are to your period or if you just had one. From what you wrote it sounds like PMS to me. I had these symptoms all my life just before my period and a bit after. Ther... Read More »