What if your iphone got wet and now the screen is darker?

Answer Adobe Flash is not currently supported on the iPhone, so it is not currently possible to download the Adobe Flash player to the iPhone.

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Why does my television screen gets darker when i turn off the tv?

maybe there is a cold soldering joint on tv .…there is a gap around prong....this this a loose connection.UNPLUG TV.....use a magnifier...see its chassis..... Read More »

My computer screen is too light, how do I make it darker?

Lighten and Darken controls are built into your monitor except in laptops. If you have a LCD or LED monitor pull out your manual or go to manufacturers support site.

Vizio tv screen half bottom is darker.?

If a front tooth was damaged 4 years ago and is slightly darker now should a root canal be performed to keep it from getting darker?

Answer Trauma to the front teeth will often cause a tooth to die and subsequent discoloration. A root canal is needed to prevent or stop the infection process. To address the color, root canal trea... Read More »