What if your dog is giving birth what should you do?

Answer You should take your dog to the vet. That's the best thing to do.Unless you want it to give birth in your home , get some blankets and some warm Luke water.When the pup comes out get the pup and wi... Read More »

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Your daughter was covered by your insurance till she was 19 She turned 19 eight days before giving birth to her baby. Should the insurance still pay?

I would think they would pay for all of the prenatal visits. But I don't believe they would cover the hospital expenses. Unless she was enrolled at a college. Then she could remain covered until at... Read More »

What can happen to your eyes after giving birth?

You will most likely get dark circles around your eyes from the pain of giving birth. But they will eventually go away. (so don't worry)

What is the advantages of giving birth in a birth center?

About 99 percent of women who have used birthing centers would recommend it to their friends or use it again for their subsequent delivery. Birthing centers are often cheaper than hospitals, and pr... Read More »

Should you go to gym after giving birth?