What if your baby is 11 months and had fever and skin is yellowish?

Answer U dnt

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What's the cause of yellowish skin in new born baby?

babies with yellowish skin usually means jaundiceputting baby in just a diaper near window helps-in hospitals they have special lights

I had a baby six months ago and my belly went down alot but its just the loose skin, is there anything?

Probably. But after you have kids.. Should it really matter what your body looks like? Unless your partner is extremely shallow.And if your partner walked away (this is becoming common), you don't ... Read More »

If your skin color become yellowish, does it means I have already hepa b?

THAT or you're becoming Asian.Think about it.Edit: My bad. I thought the question was so ridiculous that it deserved a ridiculous answer. I give myself a 'thumbs down' too.

Eating carrots causes one to become yellowish(the skin,eyes,etc.) Wtf do you say to this?

It's not like it's hurting you to turn a little orange ;) Just don't eat/feed so many carrots.