What if your antenna does not fit into your converter box?

Answer You should be able to get an adapter from Radio Shack. Either become comfortable describing the leads from your antenna in words so that you can explain what they look like to a sales person, or s... Read More »

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Do you have a GOOD indoor antenna connected to an analog-to-digital converter box If so, which antenna model?

I've seen these extensively reviewed in another forum. The top choice if all of your digital stations are on UHF (most of them are, even those with "VHF" channel numbers like 3.1, 6.2, etc.) is th... Read More »

I have a tv, indoor antenna, converter box and a antenna amplifier. HELP!!!?

There are two issues: (1) How to connect your equipment, and (2) what do you really need at your location?First, #1. Antenna to the input of the amplifier. Amplifier output to the input of the c... Read More »

Do you need a converter box if you have a HDTV and DTV antenna?

The antenna itself isn't as much of a factor for digital or analog broadcasts as is the TV tuner itself. The tuner must be able to receive digital broadcasts. If it doesn't, then chances are good t... Read More »

What is the best antenna for digital TV Converter box?

What makes the best choice for an antenna doesn't have anything to do with the type of converter box you have.The type of antenna you pick has to do with your distance from the tv stations you want... Read More »