What if you have a friend with autism?

Answer You can ask his (or her) parents what you might do or not do to help. Keep being his friend because everyone deserves to have a friend.

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How to Be a Very Great Friend to Someone With Autism?

Help put the pieces together.Is there a kid in your classroom who is always alone? Does he have Autism? Do you care if you get made fun of because you are friends with this guy? One word: Don't. Pe... Read More »

How you have to treat child with blind and autism?

Is it possible that guys with autism can have a girlfriend?

Of course they can. They are human like all of us and have feelings too.I agree! that was a rude question, i think children with special needs are adorable! they just need a little extra help, but ... Read More »

How to Communicate With People Who Have High Functioning Autism?

This is a basic guide of how to communicate with someone who has high functioning autism.