What if you give a fake number to get registered on Facebook ?

Answer I would suggest using a real phone number. Especially if they send verification (through SMS) or if your account gets hacked.

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Have been talking to this guy on Facebook for about a day now. He asked for my number. Do I give it to him.?

Depends, do you like him or think a date might be enjoyable? Wait, forget all of that, first you need to Google him and see if anything comes up suspicious. Heck, my employer forgot to Google a new... Read More »

What authority do you give someone when you give them admin on facebook?

they can do anything you can do - including kicking your out of your own group or pageso never make someone an admin if you dont know them in person

How to Give a Horse a Registered Name?

If you want to race, show, or breed your horse, a good registered name makes all the difference. If your horse makes it into the record books, you want him to remembered with a good name.

Can a retired registered nurse give flu shots?

If she still has an active license in that state and if a company will hire her to do it without recent clinical experience.