What if you get pregnant under age?

Answer If ur underage nd pregnant its really hard coz ppl can sme times end up hating u nd callin u pretty harsh names You'll have 2 put up with a baby bump 4 9months being sick and having pains all t... Read More »

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What do you do if you get pregnant under age?

What happens to under age pregnant parents?

They don't have money to afford their child, who becomes a burden upon the extended family and society. The kid grows up to accomplish nothing, and has more children at a younger age than the pare... Read More »

What could you do if your girlfriend was pregnant under age?

the best thing to do in this case is ask her what she wants to do. if she wants to keep then stick by her. don't do what other guys do and leave.. cause your only going to make her feel worse. she ... Read More »

What should a girl who is under the age of eighteen that is pregnant do?

Help for unplanned pregnancy. See a doctor, it is confidential, or go to your local crisis pregnancy care center. They can provide help with doctors and provide knowledge on the pregnancy process.