What if you get a cold and you think your pregnant does that mean anything?

Answer Answer That should not be a problem at all.

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You are 19 weeks pregnant and your doctor told you today that your cervix is soft and short what does that mean?

Does it mean your not pregnant if you think you are but you happen to get your period 4 days earlier then expected?

Answer Each person is different. The developing egg could still be in the tubes to the ovaries when your period hits, which means that you still have a chance to become pregnant. It is better to t... Read More »

If your mom tells you she wants you to be her friend even though she's your mom too does that mean that she would be there for you if you got pregnant?

AnswerThat question is impossible for a stranger to answer. Everybody is different. You know your mother better than anyone else could, and are far better able to make such a judgment than someone ... Read More »

If your urine is clear does that mean that you are pregnant?

Answer No. Your urine may be clear for other reasons besides pregnancy! When you're pregnant you tend to find yourself peeing a lot more then usual. If you have had unprotected sex and you're peein... Read More »