What if you don't know you are pregnant what are the sign of miscarriage?

Answer AnswerIf you don't KNOW you are pregnant but your period is a few days late a miscarriage will be like a heavy painful period. you may notice clots, and the blood will be alot brighter red. you may... Read More »

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Is yellow mucus-like discharge when two months pregnant normal or could it be a sign of a miscarriage?

AnswerThat is either an infection or somthing reg. If you were to have a miscarriage you would get bad cramps but not often, bleed and you may even see a blood clot with a dark spot in it.AnswerI h... Read More »

What does greenish mucus mean when your 9 months pregnant could it be a sign of a yeast infection i dont know please tell me?

Answer It sounds as though you may be losing your mucus plug before going into labor. Sometimes it is greenish. If your waters go and they are greenish too get to the hospital asap as the baby m... Read More »

You had a premature birth aout 5years ago and then had a miscarriage a few months and ended up pregnant two weeks after the miscarriage Should I be worried about another premature birth?

yes. be sure to talk to your doctor, and make appointments so your doctor can help you make sure no accidents acure.

Is fluttering a sign of a miscarriage?