What if you don't know you are pregnant what are the sign of miscarriage?

Answer AnswerIf you don't KNOW you are pregnant but your period is a few days late a miscarriage will be like a heavy painful period. you may notice clots, and the blood will be alot brighter red. you may... Read More »

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What does greenish mucus mean when your 9 months pregnant could it be a sign of a yeast infection i dont know please tell me?

Answer It sounds as though you may be losing your mucus plug before going into labor. Sometimes it is greenish. If your waters go and they are greenish too get to the hospital asap as the baby m... Read More »

I think i am pregnant and I dont know what to do?

Some women know they are pregnant before even taking a test. Others take a test and get a false negative result. This can happen if you just missed your period, or for other reasons. Here are some ... Read More »

Help me please i dont know what to do im pregnant im 15?

If you really think you can do it then keep it. But beware, a new born is NOTHING like a toddler. Be ready to get up every 2 hours to feed and change. Be ready to get bigger throughout pregnancy. B... Read More »

Should you get the flu vaccine or not Your 23weeks pregnant and dont know what to do?

Most women can and should get the flu vaccination during any trimester of pregnancy if the obstetrician approves. Ask your OB/GYN if it will be okay for you. See the related question below for mor... Read More »