What if you dont have a dad?

Answer if you dont know your dad like me it can be hard and stressfull. Put you can be ok without a dad. aslong as you got a loving family that will always love you. The way i look at it is you dont miss ... Read More »

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I am a girl and i dont have my period yet and i am scared and dont know what to do when i get it?

You didn't mention how old you are. Some girls have their period at age 12, some get it at age 16. I had it at age 16. So, there is nothing to worry about it. Just take it easy. If you are older th... Read More »

I have horrible headache. i dont have any painkiller. what shoul i do?

If you have any drink containing electrolytes (children's rehydration drink, sports drink, etc) try that. I've heard that a couple of glasses of sports drinks (Gatorade, etc, if you're American) w... Read More »

I dont have cockroaches but I have roaches. How can I get rid of the ones that I do have in my home?

not sure what you distinguishing a roach from a cockroach, they are the same... there are a dozen or so different species of cockroaches in most areas of the US. If it is the smaller roach that yo... Read More »

What if you dont have insurance?

You don't have any protection without insurance.