What if you are pregnant and craving the things that cause miscarriage?

Answer At the risk of loosing your baby I would say DON'T eat them. Go and talk to your doctor if they are uncontrollable.

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You had a premature birth aout 5years ago and then had a miscarriage a few months and ended up pregnant two weeks after the miscarriage Should I be worried about another premature birth?

yes. be sure to talk to your doctor, and make appointments so your doctor can help you make sure no accidents acure.

What are some things I can do to help curb this craving for a cigarette?

Write down how much money you spend on them per week and multiply that by 52 and see how much money you burn each year to ruin your health. Pray and ask God to take the craving away if you believe... Read More »

What is the strangest food craving you had while pregnant?

An entire container of sour cream with bacon and m&ms mixed in.

Ive been craving food that ive never craved before does that mean im pregnant?