What if we did not have human rights?

Answer well i don't understand completely what this means however i will try...This is just what i think not what i know for sure.If not one person had human rights there would be no authority because no ... Read More »

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Cite incidents situations where human rights are recognized of there violations to human rights?

What rights do you have being the custodial parent and wanting to move out of state and what rights does the father have to keep you from moving?

Answer That's a decision that only the judge can make, based on state law. If it appears to the judge that you're just trying to get away from the father, you had better have a good reason. If it's... Read More »

What rights do fathers have that have lost there parental rights to a child in NC?

If I rent a domain name what rights do I have to it Do I have renewal rights Can I sell it on?

It depends allot on who you have this arrangement through. The best thing is to check the terms of service agreement to see what your rights are and to ask questions about any area you have questio... Read More »