What if the child is talking suicide and the mom is incapable of caring for her?

Answer Child Protective Services can be involved, the other parent or someone else who is close to the child can petition custody. I don't think taking the child away from the parents would be a good idea... Read More »

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When considering custody of a child with autism will the court take into account who has been caring for the child in the past?

Answer Yes, the courts will take into consideration the person or persons who have dramatically helped the child even in a custody battle. If one parent is only babying the child and not getting he... Read More »

How can you contact Dr Phil about your daughter who is so depressed she is talking about suicide and she is four months pregnate?

At age 19, she became a news anchor for a CBS television station that was local.

Do you have to pay child support while caring for your child?

AnswerIf there is an order through the courts for you to pay child support...then you must pay child support! If circumstances have changed since the last order was made by the court, you need to g... Read More »

Can child abuse turn into suicide?

Oddly enough children who are abused on a constant basis will come out of it psychologically scarred, but it is a low percentage that takes their own life.