What if the baby is reverse position during pregnancy?

Answer i am in starting of 4th week of my pregnancy ,my blood pressure is normal ,but doctor said infant is weak and look to be in reverse position.what u suggest?

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Can transverse position harm the baby during pregnancy?

Not very likely but it depends on why he is in that position. Read more in the link below.

Can a safe home delivery be done if you're a first-time mom with a low risk pregnancy with the baby in the normal position but you don't have a phone or vehicle and no other human nearby?

Answer No other human nearby... no, its not safe. If you had a doula or a mid-wife or even a friend or relative that had witnessed births before you might be on the safer side, but to be alone is ... Read More »

What is the cervical position during early pregnancy?

Answer Basically, the cervix will raise and become fleshy (typically quite hard) during early pregnancy, however, timing is all dependent on the individual. Some experience this change in differen... Read More »

Can you tell the position of your baby without ultrasound?

When you feel your stomach the hard part you feel is your baby's back and bottom. If you follow your baby's back and find a little dip then a little bump that is your baby's neck and head. I know t... Read More »