What if the baby is reverse position during pregnancy?

Answer i am in starting of 4th week of my pregnancy ,my blood pressure is normal ,but doctor said infant is weak and look to be in reverse position.what u suggest?

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Can transverse position harm the baby during pregnancy?

Not very likely but it depends on why he is in that position. Read more in the link below.

What is the cervical position during early pregnancy?

Answer Basically, the cervix will raise and become fleshy (typically quite hard) during early pregnancy, however, timing is all dependent on the individual. Some experience this change in differen... Read More »

What to eat during pregnancy to get fair and cute baby?

What happens to a baby when the mother is on drugs during the pregnancy?

Answer There are too many complications for any drug to list here. Please read on for all information on fetal developement vs. drug use. Answer If you ar... Read More »