What if someone with stereo blindness watches 3D TV?

Answer If they are watching it with the 3D glasses, they will just see a normal 2D picture. If they are not wearing 3D glasses, much of the picture will be blurred or appear with ghosting doubles (just as... Read More »

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What wiring do I need to connect my stereo receiver to my TV that will allow the stereo speakers work with TV?

You need a L and R audio RCA cables and a VIDEO cable. Just connect these cables between your TV and your stereo receiver and you should have high-fidelity for your audio/video system.Happy listen... Read More »

Can people with congenital blindness dream?

hi, oh couse blind people do dream they just dont see images it al done by touch or sound hope this helps i now people who where born blind, i'm also blind, but i can see a bit find clours hard but... Read More »

How does one cope with blindness of a sibling?

If the twins are the same sex than no they can share a room as long as they would like. However if it is a boy and girl yes they need their own rooms now.

How to Reduce Blindness With Fruits Having Vitamins A and C?

Vitamins A and C are vital building blocks to help prevent and reduce your risk of night blindness, corneal ulcers, macular degeneration and cataract formation. If these conditions are left untreat... Read More »