What if someone passes away and their is no will?

Answer i think it gets passed evenly to the closest family members i dont think this is correct because my sister passed away without a will and she was 23, and now we cannot establish an estate, and cann... Read More »

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How or where can you get backstage passes or meetngreet passes for the American idol concert on July 20th?

How I got my backstage passesThere is only one way that I know that will get you backstage to meet the Jonas Brothers. I know because I have used it twice already and got to meet the Jonas Brothers... Read More »

What to do if someone passes out?

It depends on why they passed out. If someone passes out, it means they lose consicousness for a few minutes. A sniff of ammonia can expedite their recovery, but usually they will wake up on thei... Read More »

What do u do if someone passes out?

You should really take a CPR class to find out the answer to that question... but thinkABC -Airway (See if they are choking)Breathing (Give mouth to mouth)Circulation (Give chest compressions)

The Best Way to Get Backstage Passes?

Getting a backstage pass to an entertainment event can be problematic if you are not an employee, have no connections backstage, have not won a competition or have not been personally invited backs... Read More »