What if someone passes away and their is no will?

Answer i think it gets passed evenly to the closest family members i dont think this is correct because my sister passed away without a will and she was 23, and now we cannot establish an estate, and cann... Read More »

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What legal rights do stepchildren have if their father passes away and doesn't put them in his will and leaves everything to his present wife?

No rights. Step-children do not have any rights to the step parents' estate unless they are included in the will, or adopted (and therefore actual children, not step.)

Who is responsible for credit debt when someone passes away?

Credit card debt is the sole responsibility of the account holder. When the account holder dies, the credit card company may file a claim against his estate in the amount of the debt. If the deceas... Read More »

How to Annoy Someone Who Has Their IM Away Message Enabled?

Ever get angry that your friend puts up an IM away message on you?

What do u do if someone passes out?

You should really take a CPR class to find out the answer to that question... but thinkABC -Airway (See if they are choking)Breathing (Give mouth to mouth)Circulation (Give chest compressions)