What if someone else get a DUI under my auto insurance?

Answer Answer If they were the permissive driver of your vehicle in an accident (and got the dui), your policy will be paying for the damages (subject to any policy exclusions, and assuming the drunk was... Read More »

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Can you get auto insurance in your name if the car you are using is financed by someone else and your name is not on the contract?

Answer NO, Just picture you driving up my driveway to my house and saying boy you have a nice house, I want to insure it. You couldn't pull a home owners policy on my house because you have no insu... Read More »

If a car has only storage insurance on it and someone else drives it can the person who has the insurance policy be held responsible and will it affect that person's insurance?

Answer I'm assuming that "someone else" had an accident while driving this un-insured car, and that person should be held responsibility. However, if they have no assets, responsibility will fall o... Read More »

What is covered under comprehensive auto insurance?

A comprehensive auto insurance policy is a form of property damage insurance. A comprehensive auto insurance policy only covers the automobile the policy is written for, along with personal propert... Read More »

What are some things a driver under 25 can do to save on auto insurance?

Get one of those license plate covers that blurs your plate # when speeding through those red lights, the camera can't catch you then. Works for me.