What if someone ate only chicken and drank only water for weeks?

Answer They will get bored

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How much weight will i loose if i didnt eat and just drank water for 2 weeks?

Don't drink coffee. There's sugar in it that will not help you lose weight. Regardless, you DON'T need to do that. I don't know how stones convert into pounds, but anyway, you're losing 40% of your... Read More »

I drank some water out of a glass that a cat drank put this dangerous?

yeah my brother did that and he grew a tail

What damage might be caused if drank and smoked and now 3 weeks pregnant?

Rest easy, it is unlikely that there would be any damage to the fetus if you drank alcohol or smoked before you found out that you were pregnant. Now is the time to stop, continuing to drink alcoho... Read More »

Have you ever drank alcohol for like everyday for a few weeks or months straight then quit?