What if i drop out of college early what happens to my financial aid money?

Answer Terese:What happens to the money depends on what type of financial aid you are receiving are when and how you drop out. Let's take a look.Probably the most important determinant is WHEN. If you go ... Read More »

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How to Transfer Financial Aid Money to Pay for College Tuition?

There are several ways to pay for college tuiton and expenses. A student and her parents can set up a personal payment plan through the college or they can apply for private loans, usually through ... Read More »

Does how I use my financial aid money for first year community college affect my 2nd year amount (CA)?

The money is yours to cover expenses, including living expenses. That means that once you have it you can spend it on whatever you consider a living expense. You will not be asked where the money w... Read More »

Hi people,how can i get financial help 4 a private college when i dont qualify 4 financial aid&my credit sucks?

1) Don't go to a private college then. If you can't afford it, then don't go. You can get just as great education from a state school.2) If you don't qualify for financial aid, talk to your school.... Read More »

What happens when you drop a class (financial aid)?

You're right on the money, with your assumption that withdrawing from a grant-paid class will create a financial obligation to repay.I'm going to assume that your grant is a Pell grant, and that yo... Read More »