How disc brakes doesnt allow the vehicle to skid when it doesnt have any sensors at the wheels like ABS?

Answer ABS and disk brakes are not mutually exclusive. Most modern cars with disk brakes have ABS - commonly the wheel speed sensor is mounted on or near the brake caliper.Per your edit: That also doesn't... Read More »

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Your iPhone doesnt have any of your old phones stuff and it doesnt have service?

The iPhone or the iPhone 3Gs, has been getting a lot of complaints. It doesn't have good internet service, it gets locked if you try your password more than 10 times, plus that feature erases ALL Y... Read More »

My mouse doesnt do what i want it to do?

What to do so it doesnt scar plz help?

For some reason, I've noticed the skin on my forehead and nose are less prone to scarring than the skin on my cheeks. So for that reason alone, I feel like the skin on your nose heals faster and is... Read More »

What part of the national guard doesnt go to war?