What if an employer sends you home early?

Answer Learning your employer has decided to send you home early can create feelings of angst, uncertainty and even anger. There are a number of reasons why your employer has deemed it necessary to end th... Read More »

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Can I be sent home early by my employer if there is no work?

An employer can legally send you home early if there is insufficient work available. In some cases, an employees' union agreement, the company's own employment policies or even an individual employ... Read More »

What is the song in White Collar Point Blank when peter sends neal home?

In North Carolina can a parent be held accountable if he sends children back into an abusive home after a report has been filed with Department of Social Services?

AnswerPlease tell me that you did not do that! Yes, the parent will be held accountable!

When do home owner s associations need to get a employer Identification Number?

Associations are typically corporations -- non-profit is common -- and when they hire employees, not vendors, then they need an employer ID, usually for tax purposes. As well, there is a tax-payer ... Read More »