What if a sibling is pregnate and she has a sore hip what dose she do?

Answer Johnny and Edgar Winter

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Dose using babby oil during intercurse reduce the chances of getting pregnate?

Possibly. You might not get pregnate if you get too much on you, because you will be sliding around so much that the beanus can't ever get in. Too slick for intercurse. Baby oil + Intercurse = big ... Read More »

How many sibling dose Sarty have?

What are the other sibling rights to mother's property if one sibling has power of attorney and the other sibling never left home and is over forty years of age?

Power of Attorney is to give the sibling mentioned and acknowledged by the mother to perform their affairs when the mother cannot such as paying bills; investing money, etc., and no one else can ta... Read More »

What age can a older sibling watch a younger sibling in California?

It varies. Some countries have legislation for this and others do not. You would need to say which country you mean.