What if a parent does not follow first refusal rights?

Answer Answer What do you mean follow them. Yes and no are all that is required, but please, please, please do all communication with the ex in writting, certified mail. Keep receipts, keep envelopes, ... Read More »

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When a condominium association has a right of first refusal in their declarations what does that mean?

It depends on what the association has '...a right of first refusal' over.Legally, the right of first refusal is a contracted right that gives the holder -- association in this case -- the option t... Read More »

What rights do you have being the custodial parent and wanting to move out of state and what rights does the father have to keep you from moving?

Answer That's a decision that only the judge can make, based on state law. If it appears to the judge that you're just trying to get away from the father, you had better have a good reason. If it's... Read More »

Does noncustodial parent have rights to the child if the child is taken from custodial parent?

Could be possible, depending on their circumstances, according to whatever judge they plead their case to. The biological parent would be the primary choice unless they have been determined to be u... Read More »

Does a child have rights to a parent that gave up rights to said child?

Answer What kind of rights do you mean? Sometimes parental rights are severed but the child may fare poorly in the adoption process and still long for contact with the natural parent. Lot's of thes... Read More »