What if a home owners association filled in a pool with out voting?

Answer It's difficult to tell from your question what the pool contains now: water? Cement? Other? Read your governing documents to determine whether or not a vote is required to 'fill the pool'.If your p... Read More »

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Can an organization deny a member from voting in a Home owners association where you have condos and free standing homes can Bylaws be written that reduces a member from voting?

Read your governing documents to determine when and how a member can be denied a vote. The mix of housing types does not usually affect a right to vote; it may affect the weight of a vote.Amending ... Read More »

Do home owners have voting rights in a homeowner's association?

Yes, and your voting rights are based on the notion of your 'allocated interest' in your communal ownership of the assets of the association. Your governing documents set out your voting rights and... Read More »

Can an home owners association suspend members voting rights?

Read your governing documents to determine the basis upon which your association may or may not be authorized to suspend owners' voting rights.

Who would be responsible for maintenance for a pool in a subdivision in which there is no home owners association?

The first question is: where is the pool? Who owns the property where the pool is located?If the subdivision is made up of individual owners, then the owner on whose property the pool exists is res... Read More »